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Table 3 Specific gene mutations in resistant strains

From: Genotyping and drug susceptibility testing of mycobacterial isolates from population-based tuberculosis prevalence survey in Ghana

Gene locus Band Gene region/mutation aRIF monoresistant bINH monoresistant cMDR
  WT1 506–509    
  WT2 510–513    
  WT3 513–517    d1
  WT4 516–519    
  WT5 518–522    
  WT6 521–525    
  WT7 526–529    d3
  WT8 530–533 1   1
  MUT1 D516V    6
  MUT2A H526Y    d3
  MUT2B H526D    
  MUT3 S531 L 1   1
  WT 315   d11 d4
  MUT1 S315 T1   14 10
  MUT2 S315 T2    
  WT1 −15/−16   d4 d1
  WT2 −8    d1
  MUT1 C15T   d4 d1
  MUT2 A16G    
  MUT3A T8C    6
  MUT3B T8A    
  1. WT wild type band, MUT mutant band, RIF rifampicin, INH isoniazid, MDR multi-drug resistance
  2. aIsolates with mutation(s) in the rpoB gene and none in the inhApro or katG gene
  3. bIsolates with mutation(s) in the inhApro region and/or in the katG gene, with no mutation in the rpoB gene
  4. cIsolates with mutations in the rpoB gene and inhApro and/or katG gene
  5. dNumber of isolates that had presence of mutation band and the absence of corresponding wild type band