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Table 1 Specification of population, intervention, comparison and outcomes (PICO)

From: Effectiveness of current and future regimens for treating genotype 3 hepatitis C virus infection: a large-scale systematic review

  Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Population • Adult patients (aged >18 years)
• Chronically infected with HCV GT3
• Healthy subjects
• Patients without chronic HCV infection
• Non-GT3 infection or lack of GT3-specific stratification
• Studies in animals
• In vitro studies
Intervention • Any antiviral agent against HCV in at least one arm • Non-antiviral therapy
Comparison • Randomised controlled trials
• Non-randomised controlled trials
• Observational studies (including reports of Registry audits)
• Pharmacokinetics studies
• Cost-effectiveness studies
• Clinical trial registry entry only
• Reviews, editorial, letter or comment
• Case control studies
• Cohort studies
Outcome • SVR4
• SVR12
• SVR24
• Unspecified SVR
• If SVR is not reported
Language restrictions • English language only • Studies published in language other than English are excluded
Date range • February 2011 to May 2016 • Studies outside this timeframe are excluded
  1. GT3 genotype 3, HCV hepatitis C virus, SVR sustained virological response