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Table 5 Areas of activity and key deliverables of FIND-UNITAID project

From: The future of viral hepatitis testing: innovations in testing technologies and approaches

Areas of activity Key deliverables
Enable platform polyvalence and HCV/HIV integration through supporting DBS protocol development, regulatory approval and policy change - Evaluation of DBS sampling for centralized EIA and RNA assays
- Use of existing HIV lab infrastructure for introducing HCV testing
- Demonstrate service delivery advantages of one step sampling (EIA/ RNA) using DBS
Expand use of HCV core antigen assays - Compare cAg against gold standard as test of cure using current lab-based technology
- Evaluate feasibility, cost, cost-effectiveness and impact of cAg assay as one testing approach in high prevalence populations
- Accelerate development of POC cAg devices
Enable decentralization of HCV services - Integration of HCV/TB/HIV assays in decentralized settings
- Demonstrate feasibility of HCV testing and treatment in different decentralized settings
- Costing of different testing/ treatment pathways across countries and sites
- Evaluate acceptability and cost-effectiveness of finger stick blood sample collection
- Accelerate development of POC molecular devices
Increase access to quality-assured HCV RDTs - Piloting quality-assured RDTs using capillary blood in high risk groups
- Assess market and feasibility of HCV ST and/or combo test among different populations