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Table 2 Comparison of different techniques (Pap smear, Gram stain and HVS) used for diagnosis of cervical inflammation and their causes among women seeking Pap smear screening test, FHOK Clinic in Thika, Kenya, 2014

From: Cervical precancerous changes and selected cervical microbial infections, Kiambu County, Kenya, 2014: a cross sectional study

Micro-organism / cells observed Diagnostic test used
  Pap smear HVSa Gram stained HVS Wet preparation
Candida ablican /yeast cells 6 60 62
T. vaginalis 0 0 18
Gram negative intracellular diplococcus 0 0 0
Actinomyces 0 0 0
Pus cells/ Polymophs 72 0 238
  1. Legend: aHigh Vagina Swab