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Table 2 Molecular characteristics of the 41 isolates of S. aureus in the study

From: Prevalence and molecular characteristics of Staphylococcus aureus, including methicillin resistant strains, isolated from bulk can milk and raw milk products in pastoral communities of South-West Uganda

Isolate ID Pulsotype spa type MLST PVL mecA SCCmec
T130 m A1 t1398  
T132 m A1 t2112   + V
T111 m A2 t380   +
T119 m A3 t7753  
T147y A4 t2112   + V
T067 m B1 t127 ST-1 + V
T089y B1 t127 ST-1 + V
T120y C1 t1236 ST-97
T139 m C1 t7753  
T115 m C2 t10103  
T089 m C3 t7753  
T099y C4 t14299   + V
T041y D1 Unknown   + V
T042 m D2 Unknown  
T127 m D3 Unknown   + V
T031 m E1 Unknown   + V
T117 m E2 Unknown  
T136 m E3 Unknown   + V
T105 m E4 Unknown  
T143 m E4 Unknown  
T094 m E5 Unknown  
T148 m E5 Unknown   + V
T019 m F1 t645 ST-121 + + V
T057 m F1 Unknown   + V
T103 m G1 t1398   + V
T145 m G1 t1398   + V
T030 m G2 t1398  
T098y H1 t186 ST-88
T120 m H2 Unknown   + V
T037 m I1 Unknown   + V
T067y I2 Unknown   + V
T059y L1 t2112   + + V
T091 m L2 t1236 ST-97
T032 m Unique Unknown   + + IV
T037y Unique Unknown   + V
T049 m Unique Unknown  
T055 m Unique Unknown  
T056 m Unique t3992 ST-97 + V
T055y Unique t3992 ST-97
T144 m Unique t7753   + IVc
T157y Unique t3772   + + V
  1. PVL = presence (+) or absence (−) of the PVL gene; mecA = presence (+) or absence (−) of the mecA gene; SCCmec = SCCmec-types according to Zhang et al. [18]