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Table 1 Prediction Rule for Admission policy in Complicated urinary Tract InfeCtion LEiden (PRACTICE)

From: Hospitalization for community-acquired febrile urinary tract infection: validation and impact assessment of a clinical prediction rule

Characteristic Allocated pointsa
  Age (men) Age (years)
  Age (women) Age (years) - 10
Nursing home resident +10
  Malignancy +30
  Congestive heart failure +10
  Cerebrovascular disease +10
  Liver cirrhosis +20
  Renal disease +10
 Signs & Symptoms
  Altered mental status +20
  Respiratory rate ≥ 30/min +20
  Systolic blood pressure < 90 mmHg +20
  Pulse ≥125/min +10
  Temperature ≥ 40 °C +15
  1. aA total score individual patient score is obtained by summing the points for each characteristic
  2. bMalignancy is defined as any cancer except basal- or squamous-cell cancer of the skin that was active within the previous year of presentation. Congestive heart failure is defined as ventricular dysfunction for which the patient is prescribed medication and/or consults a hospital-based medical specialist. Cerebrovascular disease is defined as a history of stroke or transient ischemic attack. Liver disease is defined as a clinical diagnosis of cirrhosis. Renal disease is defined as a history of chronic renal disease
  3. According to risk class the following recommendations will apply:
  4. < 75 points strong recommendation towards home-based management
  5. 75–100 points consider home-based management
  6. >100 points strong recommendation towards hospital admission