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Table 1 Symptoms associated with AHI and questions in ACS and MACS

From: Development and validation of a risk score to assist screening for acute HIV-1 infection among men who have sex with men

Symptoma ACS questionnaire MACS questionnaire
Arthralgia   x
Diarrhea x x
Fatigue x x
Fever x x
Genital ulcers x x
Genital warts xb x
Headache x x
Lymphadenopathy x x
Myalgia/arthralgia xc xd
Nausea x xe
Night sweats x x
Oral thrush x x
Oral ulcers xb,f xf
Pharyngitis xg xh
Rash x x
Vomiting x xe
Weight loss x x
  1. ACS Amsterdam Cohort Studies, AHI acute HIV-1 infection, MACS Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study
  2. aResulting from a meta-analysis based on 21 studies on acute and early HIV infection [18]
  3. bAsked from 2006 onwards
  4. cData on myalgia only
  5. dAsked through 1989 (muscle/joint pain), and from 2001 onwards question changed to muscle pain/weakness
  6. eData on nausea/vomiting combined, asked from 2001 onwards
  7. fData on labial (ACS) or facial (MACS) herpes
  8. gData on sore throat
  9. hData on sore throat/sore mouth combined, asked through 1989