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Table 3 Adjusted effects of sex partner status among older male clients (having no steady sex partner vs. having a steady sex partner) on the odds of HIV and syphilis infection and behavioral risk factors in 2012

From: Disparities in HIV and syphilis prevalence and risk factors between older male clients with and without steady sex partners in southwestern rural China

Variable AORa (95% CI)
Syphilis (+) 1.53 (1.02–2.30)
HIV (+) 1.90 (1.27–2.86)
Had heterosexual intercourse in the last month 0.66 (0.56–0.79)
Had non-commercial casual sex partners in the last month 3.29 (2.42–4.46)
Average charge per sex act (US $) >4.8US $ 0.98 (0.80–1.20)
History of commercial sex (years) >10 years 1.31 (1.12–1.53)
Number of commercial sex acts in the last month >2 1.53 (1.19–1.96)
Commercial sex in the last month 1.05 (0.89–1.24)
Had unprotected sex with FSWs in the last month 1.12 (0.96–1.31)
Had unprotected sex with FSWs in the past 1.27 (0.99–1.62)
Used aphrodisiacs in the last month 1.40 (1.16–1.70)
Awareness of HIV/AIDS 0.75 (0.64–0.88)
Awareness of VCT 0.98 (0.79–1.21)
Received HIV testing 0.65 (0.44–0.98)
  1. Notes: a AOR, adjusted odds ratio. Multivariable regression was used to calculate the odds of infection and having other behavioral risk factors, adjusted by age, ethnicity, years of education, occupation, self-reported health status, chronic disease, and erectile dysfunction. The dependent variable for each model was sex partner status