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Table 4 DENV, CHIKV and ZIKV diagnosis in the period from July 2014 to October 2015

From: Imported arboviral infections in Italy, July 2014-October 2015: a National Reference Laboratory report

  Total Confirmed Probable Possible Not confirmed
DENV diagnosis 157 68 12 33 44
CHIKV diagnosis 97 35 6 14 42
ZIKV diagnosis 16 4a 0 3b 9
Dual diagnosis DENV/CHIKV 76: two cases of possible co-infections. DENV: 18/76 (of which two CHIKV confirmed and one CHIKV possible cases)    
CHIK: 20/76 (of which two DENV confirmed and 6 DENV possible cases)    
  1. aThe diagnosis of one of these cases was performed in Germany after we excluded DENV and CHIKV infections (ref). One was a case of autochthonous (most likely sexual) transmission (ref)
  2. bOf these, two were probable cases of past ZIKV infections (PRNT positives and IgM negatives). One showed instead a PRNT b.l. result for ZIKV, which was probably due to cross reactivity of DENV specific antibodies