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Table 1 Trigger diagnostic codes

From: ICARES: a real-time automated detection tool for clusters of infectious diseases in the Netherlands

DBC/DOT code (Hospital)ª Representing syndrome/diagnosis
Respiratory tract infection
 INT401 Pneumonia
 INT402 Interstitial pneumonia
 INT409 Other respiratory tract infections
 LON1401 Pneumonia
 LON1405 Acute (trachea)bronchitis
 KIN3104 Upper respiratory tract infection
 KIN3202b Asthma/bronchial hyperreactivity
 KIN3207 Laryngotracheobronchitis
 KIN3208 Lower respiratory tract infection
 KIN3210 RSV bronchiolitis
Infectious hepatitis
 INT463 Viral hepatitis (not B or C)
 INT944 Hepatitis B or C
 MDL701 Hepatitis
 MDL705 Hepatitis B or C with antiviral therapy
 MDL718 Acute liver failure
 KIN3312 Hepatitis
 INT441 Meningitis/encephalitis/brain abscess
 NEU0101 Bacterial Meningitis
 NEU0102 Non-bacterial meningitis
 NEU0111 Encephalitis
 KIN3511 Meningitis/encephalitis
ICPC (General Practice) Representing syndrome/diagnosis
Respiratory tract infection
 R74 Acute upper respiratory tract infection
 R77 Acute laryngitis/tracheitis
 R78 Acute bronchitis/bronchiolitis
 R80 Influenza
 R81 Pneumonia
Infectious hepatitis
 D13 Icterus
 D72 Infectious hepatitis
 N70 Poliomyelitis/(entero)viral infection CNS
 N71 Meningitis/encephalitis
  1. aDBC/DOT codes from internal medicine, pulmonology, pediatrics, neurology and gastroenterology are used
  2. bThis code is only used in children under the age of 5 since asthma/bronchial hyperreactivity, at this age, is most often triggered by a respiratory tract infection