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Table 3 Summary of 2007 HIV Sentinel Survey (HSS) syphilis test results and results of samples selected for retesting

From: Performance of Syphilis Sentinel Surveillance in the context of endemic Treponematoses: experience from Ghana

Categories of HSS results DS+/TPHA+ DS−/TPHA0 DS+/TPHA− DS+/TPHA0 aDS0/TPHA+ Total
Number of all HSS samples 1,097 17,041 135 62 31 18,366
Number of selected samples 1,001 1,118 59 36 0 2,214
Number of RPR+/TPHA+ cases 158 42 0 3 0 203
Estimated number of active syphilis cases 173.15 640.18 0 5.17 NS 818.50
  1. DS Determine syphilis TP, TPHA Treponema pallidum haemagglutination assay, RPR Rapid plasma reagin, TPHA0 − TPHA result not available, DS0 DS result not available, NS samples not selected for retesting, aDS0/TPHA+ samples (n = 31) were excluded from the final analysis. Therefore, denominator for the overall estimate was (18,366–31) =18,335
  2. Note: Only DS+/TPHA+ samples were regarded as “syphilis” seropositive samples (more accurately, treponemal seropositives) during the sentinel survey; all other samples were considered to be negative