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Table 2 Selected study sites for the Xpert package rollout evaluation using a stepped-wedge design (XPRES)

From: Implementation of a pragmatic, stepped-wedge cluster randomized trial to evaluate impact of Botswana’s Xpert MTB/RIF diagnostic algorithm on TB diagnostic sensitivity and early antiretroviral therapy mortality

District Fixed consortiums Clinic names Pre-study estimates of no. new ART patients/month Xpert location
Ngami (Maun) fixed triplet Letsholathebe II Memorial Hospital 36 1 × Lab Xpert
Ngami (Maun) Boseja Clinic 28
Ngami (Maun) Maun Clinic 28
Gaborone fixed pair Brodhurst Traditional Clinic 35 1 × Lab Xpert
Gaborone Bontleng Clinic 45
Francistown fixed pair Botswelelo Clinic 22 1 × Lab Xpert
Francistown Area W Clinic 22
Francistown single facility Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital 18 1 × Lab Xpert
Kweneng East-Molepolole fixed quadruplet Borakalalo Clinic 9 1 × POC Xpert
Kweneng East-Molepolole Kgosing Clinic 8
Kweneng East-Molepolole Molepolole Central Clinic 8
Kweneng East-Molepolole Phuth-kobo Clinic 8
Kweneng East-Mogoditsane single facility Nkoyaphiri Clinic 46 1 × POC Xpert
Palapye fixed pair Ext 3 Clinic 20 1 × POC Xpert
Palapye Lotsane Clinic 20
Bobirwa single facility Bobonong Primary Hospital 38 1 × Lab Xpert
Kanye single facility SDA Hospital 22 1 × Lab Xpert
Gantsi single facility Gantsi Clinic unknown* 1 × Lab Xpert
Kgatleng single facility Deborah Memorial Hospital 26 1 × Lab Xpert
Lobatse single facility Athlon Clinic 18 1 × Lab Xpert
Serowe District fixed pair Kadimo Clinic 12 1 × POC Xpert
Serowe District Serowe Clinic 12
Total (22 clinics)    479 13
Average per clinic    23  
  1. Abbreviations: POC point of care, Xpert Xpert MTB/RIF, lab laboratory, ART antiretroviral therapy
  2. *Routine monitoring data on rate of enrollment of antiretroviral therapy patients was not available at the time of study initiation for this clinic