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Table 1 Topics discussed during the couple- and male-focused meetings

From: Evaluation of a demand-creation intervention for couples’ HIV testing services among married or cohabiting individuals in Rakai, Uganda: a cluster-randomized intervention trial

• Current trends in HIV and AIDS in Uganda (general and couple-specific perspectives)

• Current status of HIV counselling and testing uptake: national & district-level picture

• HIV counselling and testing (HCT) styles: individual HCT, couples’ HCT

• Introduction to couples’ HIV counselling and testing: meaning, processes and benefits

• How to bring up the subject of couples’ HCT to a partner

• Possible HIV test results for a couple (concordant HIV-positive, concordant HIV-negative, HIV discordance): meanings, implications and coping mechanisms

• Prevention with HIV-negative couples

• Prevention with HIV-positive couples

• Family planning and prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV

• Experiences from ‘expert couples’