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Table 1 Criteria and Data Sources for the BC Hepatitis Testers Cohort (BC-HTC) and current analysis

From: Twin epidemics of new and prevalent hepatitis C infections in Canada: BC Hepatitis Testers Cohort

Criteria for Inclusion in BC-HTC
All individuals:
 • tested at the centralized provincial laboratory for HCV or HIV OR
 • reported in BC as a confirmed case of HCV OR
 • reported in BC enhanced surveillance system as a confirmed case of HIV or AIDS (all reports) OR
 • reported in BC as a confirmed case of HBV OR
 • reported in BC as a confirmed case of active TB (latent cases excluded) OR
 • included in BC Enhanced Strain Surveillance System (EHSSS) as an acute HBV or HCV case
All individuals meeting at least one the above criteria were linked internally across all their tests and case reports. Those with a valid personal health number (PHN) were then sent for deterministic linkage with province-wide Cancer and Ministry of Health (MoH) datasets
Provincial Communicable Disease Data Sources
 • BC-PHL HIV laboratory testing datasets (tests: ELISA, Western blot, NAAT, p24, culture)
 • BC-PHL HCV laboratory tests datasets (tests: antibody, HCV RNA, genotyping)
 • HIV/AIDS Information System (HAISYS) (public health HIV/AIDS case reports)
 • Integrated Public Health information System (iPHIS) (public health case reports of HCV, HBV, and TB)
 • Enhanced Strain Surveillance System (EHSSS) (risk factor data on a subset of acute HCV and acute HBV cases)
Data Date Ranges:
HIV lab data: 1988–2013
HCV lab data: 1992–2013
HAISYS: 1980–2013
iPHIS: 1990–2013
EHSSS: 2000–2013
Cancer and MoH Administrative Data Sources
 • BC Cancer Registry (BCCR) (primary tumour registry, excludes metastatic cancers)
 • Discharge Abstracts Dataset (DAD) (hospitalization records)
 • Medical Services Plan (MSP) (physician diagnostic and billing data)
 • PharmaCare/PharmaNet (Pharma) (prescription drug dispensations)
 • BC Vital Statistics (VS) (deaths registry)
Data Date Ranges:
BCCR: 1970–2012
DAD: 1985–2013Q1
MSP: 1990–2012
Pharma: 1985–2012
VS: 1985–2013
The final BC-HTC comprises all individuals successfully linked on PHN to the MoH Client Roster (a registry of all BC residents enrolled in the publicly-funded universal healthcare system)
Eligibility for current analysis
 • all subjects included in final, linked BC-HTC with at least one valid HCV test (antibody, HCV RNA, or genotype) (1992–2013) or HCV case report (1990–2013)
 • subjects were censored for analysis date of death or December 31, 2013, whichever came first
 • excluded all data preceding subject’s recorded date of birth
 • excluded all data occurring more than 7 days after subject’s recorded date of death
 • excluded HCV antibody tests in infants less than 18 months in the absence of HCV RNA confirmatory testing