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Table 2 Pharmacokinetic parameters of China-made Peramivir

From: Efficacy of delayed treatment of China-made Peramivir with repeated intravenous injections in a mouse influenza model: from clinical experience to basal experiment

Parameters   Control mice Virus-infected mice
AUC(0-∞) μg/L/h 37307.80 38518.79
MRT(0-∞) h 0.38 0.536
t1/2 h 0.289 0.341
CL L/h/kg 1.662 1.61
V L/kg 0.693 0.793
Cmax μg 48037.54 47224.08
  1. AUC area under curve, MRT mean retention time, t 1/2 half a life, CL clearance, V volume of distribution, C max maximum concentration