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Table 1 Summary of connectivity measures

From: Not just a matter of size: a hospital-level risk factor analysis of MRSA bacteraemia in Scotland

Name Definition Cut-off Percentilesa p b
Patients in Total number of patients moving to this hospital from other hospitals adjusted by number of staffed beds 3.61 3.26–4.09 <0.001
Indegree Number of hospitals that transferred patients to this hospital [11] 11 6–25 <0.001
Outdegree Number of hospitals that receive patients from this hospital [11] 8 8–12 <0.001
Closeness centrality Normalized measure of the centrality of a node in a network based on the mean length of all shortest paths from that node to every other reachable node in the network. [24] 0.3898 0.3898–0.3915 <0.001
  1. afrom 10,000 bootstrap simulations
  2. bFisher’s exact test