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Fig. 3

From: Paracoccidioides brasiliensis infection promotes thymic disarrangement and premature egress of mature lymphocytes expressing prohibitive TCRs

Fig. 3

Increase of thymocytes migration due to increased protein expression of CCL19 and CCR7 in the thymuses of P. brasiliensis infected mice is correlated to altered thymocytes subpopulation. Male Balb/c mice (n = 5 mice/group) were injected i.p. with Pb cells. Seven days later, thymuses were both analyzed for trans-well migration assay, thymocytes subpopulation by flow cytometry and processed to total protein extraction, to analyze the expression of chemokine CCL19 and CCR7 in infected and control mice. (a) Frequency and (b) absolute number of thymocytes double positive and single positive subpopulation in infected mice. (c) Augmented expression of CCR7 and (d) CCL19 in thymus of infected mice. (e) Increased ex vivo thymocytes migration by Trans-well assay in infected mice. Data was analyzed by Student t test. Values of p ≤ 0,05 (*), p ≤ 0,001 (***), p ≤ 0,0001 (****) were considered statistically significant. Results are expressed by Mean ± SEM. Representative data from three independent experiments with similar results

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