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Table 6 Grading of body of evidence for effectiveness of other interventions. Question: Do interventions (other than short treatment, incentives or social intervention) result in higher initiation, adherence, or completion rates than usual care in individuals eligible for LTBI treatment?

From: Interventions for improving adherence to treatment for latent tuberculosis infection: a systematic review

    Quality assessment n/N = % Effect Quality Importance
No of studies (No of participants) Design Population treatment interventiona Risk of bias Inconsistency Indirectness Imprecision Other considerations Other intervention OR (95 % CI) Absolutea (per 1000 (95 % CI))
Usual care
1 (107) [59] Observational study Healthcare workers H Not seriousb Not serious Not serious Seriousc   32/62 = 52 % 8.8 (3.1–23) 413 (168–631) OOO Very low Critical
Use of IGRAs 5/45 = 11 %
0 (0) No evidence available Critical
0 (0) No evidence available Critical
  1. Bibliography: Sahni et al. 2009 [59]
  2. n/N No of individuals with LTBI who initiated, or adhered to or completed treatment/total number of subjects; CI confidence interval; IGRAs Interferon Gamma Release Assay; OR odds ratio; PWID people who inject drugs; RCT randomised controlled trial
  3. aCalculated via GradePro
  4. bUse of unvalidated patient-reported outcomes (telephone interview)
  5. cTotal number of events <125