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Table 1 Overview of patients’ travel history, examined material and diagnostic method used for particular cases

From: Dirofilaria repens: emergence of autochthonous human infections in the Czech Republic (case reports)

Case No Travel history Infection localisation Parasite material examined Dg method performed
1 No Subcutaneous nodule (hypogastrium) Paraffin embedded tissue block M, D, S
2 No Peritoneum Single isolated formalin fixed worm M, D, S
3 Yes Skin lesion (left ankle) Two isolated formalin fixed worms M, S
4 No Subcutaneous nodule (left middle finger) Single isolated ethanol fixed worm M, D, S
5 Yes Lymph node Paraffin embedded tissue block M, S
  1. M microscopy, D DNA analysis, S serological examination