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Table 2 Blood sample collection - schedule and volumes

From: Clinical evaluation of dengue and identification of risk factors for severe disease: protocol for a multicentre study in 8 countries

  Test Enrolment (≤72 h fever) Daily for up to 6 days Final acute visit Follow-up, Day 10-14
Research Dengue NS1
Dengue IgM/G
Serological & virological and/or genetic studies
3 ml EDTA for children
5 ml EDTA for adults
  2 ml EDTA 2 ml EDTA
Haematology Full blood count 1 ml EDTA 1 ml EDTA 1 ml EDTA 1 ml EDTA
Biochemistry AST/ALT
Creatine kinase
2 ml Lithium Heparina   2 ml Lithium Heparina  
  1. aor serum/an alternative additive according to local laboratory requirements