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Table 1 Sporotrichosis clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment

From: Epidemiological investigation of an outbreak of cutaneous sporotrichosis, Northern Territory, Australia

Case Other medical problems Month of symptom onset Time to diagnosis (months)a Site of primary lesion Sporotrichoid spread Multiple lesions Culture confirmed Sequence type (ST); Genbank accession Itraconazole dose prescribed Treatment duration (months)
1 Hypertension May 2 Lower leg (R) Yes Yes Yes ST 1; KU041841 200 mg daily 3
2 N/A May 2 Multiple (both arms, chest, left leg) No Yes Yes ST 2;
200 mg daily 4
3 N/A May 2 Forearm (R) Yes Yes Yes ST 1;
200 mg daily 6
4 N/A May 2 Finger (R) Yes Yes Nob N/A 100 mg daily 3
5 Smoker July 1 Hand (R) Yes Yes Yes ST 2; KU041843 200 mg daily 3
6 Ischaemic heart disease, hazardous alcohol May 3 Lower leg (R) No No Yes ST 2; KU041846 200 mg daily 3
7 N/A April 4 Cubital fossa (R) Yes Yes Yesc N/A 200 mg daily 6
8 Hypertension April 5 Thigh (R) No Yes Yes ST 2; KU041845 200 mg daily 4
9 N/A April 11 Forearm (L) Yes Yes Yes ST 1;
200 mg daily Ongoing
  1. aTime from onset of symptoms to confirmation of diagnosis (by culture or histopathology)
  2. bFungal culture not performed. Diagnosis based on characteristic histopathology findings and consistent clinical and epidemiological features
  3. cIsolate could not be revived for ITS sequencing following its morphological identification as S. schenckii complex