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Table 2 Quality indicators for central venous catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI): indicators to be implemented

From: Development of quality indicators and data assessment strategies for the prevention of central venous catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI)

No Indicator Time-mode for assessment Data source Triggera
At initial treatment (t0) At follow-up treatment (t1) Cross- sectional, once a year Service provider Hospital claims data Health insurance claims data  
   Inpatient Outpatient Inpatient Outpatient Inpatient Outpatient
1 Indication for applying CVC X       X    1
2 Indication for retaining CVC X       X    1
3 Indication for retaining CVC after transfer to non-ICU-setting X       X    1
6 Vena femoralis as location for insertion X       X    1
7 Aseptic conditions upon placement of CVC X       X    1
8 Criteria for blood culture are met X       X X   1
9 Blood cultures taken in the presence of sepsis (as coded by ICD-10) and CVC X       X X   1
10 Prevalence of blood cultures in a hospital      X   X    3
16 Explanation or revision of a CVC because of infection    X X      X 2
19 CRBSI rate in neonatologyb X       X    1
20 CRBSI- rate in premature neonatesb X       X    1
21 CRBSI rate X       X   X 1
22 CRBSI rate of multi resistant pathogens X       X   X 1
23 Use of hand disinfectants in ICU setting      X   X    3
24 Use of hand disinfectants in non-ICU setting      X   X    3
25 Working procedures for applying CVC      X   X    3
26 Working procedures for changing CVC dressing      X X X    3
27 Working procedures for applying venous port and connecting it      X X X    3
28 Working procedures for handling and applying intravenous fluids      X X X    3
29 Working procedures for managing infection in patient with venous port or tunnelled catheter      X X X    3
30 Service internal standards for initial treatment with antibiotics      X   X    3
31 Training concept for staff      X X X    3
32 Staff participation in training in hygiene and prevention of infections      X X X    3
  1. CVC central venous line, CRBSI central venous catheter-related bloodstream infections
  2. aTrigger:
  3. 1: Routine claims data from the hospital electronic information systems
  4. 2: Claims data from the health insurance companies for which data flow has to be clarified
  5. 3: Needs to be defined: annual cross-sectional survey
  6. bWill be implemented within QA procedures for premature neonates and neonatology