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Table 3 Age-adjusted prevalence ratios by multivariable analysis for hunters, Wetteraukreis district, Hesse, Central Germany, 2013

From: Hepatitis E virus antibody prevalence in hunters from a district in Central Germany, 2013: a cross-sectional study providing evidence for the benefit of protective gloves during disembowelling of wild boars

  Age-adjusted PR (95 % CI)
  recomWell IgG assay Axiom assay
Hunting in the area E and use of protective gloves 2.7 (0.47–16) 2.0 (0.98–4.3)
Hunting in the area NW and use of protective gloves 0.27 (0.059–1.3) 0.74 (0.34–1.6)
Hunting in the area SW and use of protective gloves 0.26 (0.033–2.1) 0.12 (0.02–0.86)