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Table 2 Household characteristics of houses in Surveillance platform at Ballabgarh for Acute Respiratory Tract Infections SuBhARTI cohort, 2012–13 (n = 2292)

From: Epidemiology of acute respiratory infections in children - preliminary results of a cohort in a rural north Indian community

Household characteristics Value
% of houses with  
 Land ownership 42.2
 Head of household with agriculture related occupation 18.1
 Ground water as main source of drinking water 61.8
 Piped water in own house 26.2
 Access to water seal latrine 74.7
 Wood/cow dung as main Fuel used for cooking 69.1
 Tobacco smoker in the HH 60.5
Mean (Standard Deviation) number of  
 Persons per household 5.97 (2.61)
 Children ≤ 10 years per household 1.75 (1.54)
 Sleeping rooms per household 1.89 (0.98)