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Fig. 2

From: Development and comparative evaluation of two antigen detection tests for Visceral Leishmaniasis

Fig. 2

Performance of Leishmania Antigen Detect™ ELISA. a. Performance of Leishmania Antigen Detect™ ELISA on urine samples from VL patients in Ethiopia (n = 46), Sudan (n = 64), Bangladesh (n = 13) and Brazil (n = 43) compared to NEC (n = 49), EC from Bangladesh (n = 10) and OD (n = 30). OD consists of samples from patients with HAT (n = 10), P. falciparum malaria (n = 10) and tuberculosis (n = 10). Lines represent median. Dotted line indicates cut-off value for positivity as calculated from the mean of NEC added three standard deviations. **** represents significant p-values < 0.01, as calculated by One-way ANOVA. b. The standardized Leishmania Antigen Detect™ ELISA offers higher sensitivity for VL patient samples and lower background reactivity when compared to the same reagents used in a laboratory- based assay

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