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Table 3 Malaria case incidence and malaria parasite density by treatment group over 24 months follow up period

From: The impact of anthelmintic treatment intervention on malaria infection and anaemia in school and preschool children in Magu district, Tanzania: an open label randomised intervention trial

Variable Intervention group (n = 297) Control group (n = 292) P-value
Malaria case incidence* 6.7 (4.8-8.9) 7.7 (5.7-10.1) 0.519
Malaria parasite density** 2658 (1647-4291) 3100 (1831-5249) 0.451
  1. *Malaria case incidence defined as the number of new clinical malaria attacks observed in a given treatment group per 100 person years with 95% confidence intervals shown in brackets.
  2. **Malaria parasite density expressed as geometric mean malaria parasites per microlitre of blood (mps/μL) (positive samples only) with 95% confidence intervals shown in brackets.