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Table 2 Parameter estimates for the hypothesized measurement model

From: Hepatitis B screening among Chinese Americans: a structural equation modeling analysis

Construct & indictors Standardized factor loading
Satisfaction with health care
Arrangements for making appointments for medical care 0.91
Length of time waiting to see doctor at the office 0.83
Length of time between making an appointment for care and visit 0.82
Overall, how would you rate care at your medical group? 0.79
Convenience of location of the doctor’s office 0.85
Access to medical care whenever needed 0.88
Quality of care from your physician 0.75
Enabling factor
Currently have health insurance? 0.87
Have a primary health care provider to go to when you are sick? 0.98
Number of times visited current primary physician in the last 12 months 0.62
Predisposing factor
What is the highest grade of school you completed? 0.53
How many years of education have you completed? 0.82
Cultural factor
Do you often use the Internet for sources of information? 0.91
How well do you think you speak English? 0.93
Do you usually speak your native Asian language at home? 0.34
Cancer fear factor
Fear of a getting a bad test result 0.91
Embarrassment/shame 0.65