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Table 6 Cross tabulation of Bihari and Nepali VL patients facing times of two weeks or more for T P, T D and T T

From: Visceral leishmaniasis diagnosis and reporting delays as an obstacle to timely response actions in Nepal and India

  Country N Yes No Fisher's exact test
Time from feeling sick to seeking health care (TP) exceeds two weeks Bihar 49 6 43 p < 0.001
Nepal 46 24 22
Time from seeking health care to receiving the VL diagnosis (TD) exceeds two weeks Bihar 49 43 6 p < 0.001
Nepal 46 16 30
Time from diagnosis to receiving treatment (TT) exceeds two weeks Bihar 48 3 45 p = 1.000
Nepal 43 3 40
  1. Results of Fisher’s exact significance tests are given in the table.