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Table 1 Predictor variables (data layers) in the study

From: Human brucellosis occurrences in inner mongolia, China: a spatio-temporal distribution and ecological niche modeling approach

Variable Description Formula
Remotely sensed variables
Evi max Maximum EVI EVI = 2.5 × (NIR-RED)/(NIR + 6.0 × RED–7.5 × BLUE + 1.0)
Evi mean Mean EVI
Evi min Minimum EVI
lst max Maximum LST (°C)  
lst mean Mean LST (°C) split-window method
lst min Minimum LST (°C)  
Mir max Maximum MIR  
Mir mean Mean MIR MODIS band 7
Mir min Minimum MIR  
Prec max Maximum precipitation (mm)  
Prec mean Mean precipitation (mm)  
Prec min Minimum precipitation (mm)  
Alt Altitude (m)  
Climatic variables
Bio 1 Annual mean temperature (°C)  
Bio 2 Mean diurnal range(°C) max temp - min temp
Bio 3 Isothermality (bio2 / bio7) × 100
Bio 4 Temperature seasonality (std. dev. / mean) × 100
Bio 5 Max temperature of warmest month (°C)  
Bio 6 Min temperature of coldest month (°C)  
Bio 7 Temperature annual range (°C) bio5 - bio6
Bio 8 Mean temperature of wettest quarter (°C)  
Bio 9 Mean temperature of driest quarter (°C)  
Bio 10 Mean temperature of warmest quarter (°C)  
Bio 11 Mean temperature of coldest quarter (°C)  
Bio 12 Annual precipitation (mm)  
Bio 13 Precipitation of wettest month (mm)  
Bio 14 Precipitation of driest month (mm)  
Bio 15 Precipitation seasonality (std. dev. / mean) × 100
Bio 16 Precipitation of wettest quarter (mm)  
Bio 17 Precipitation of driest quarter (mm)  
Bio 18 Precipitation of warmest quarter (mm)  
Bio 19 Precipitation of coldest quarter (mm)  
Socioeconomic variables
Access Travel time to the nearest major settlement of population size 50,000 or more (minutes)  
Pop Population density (person/km2) in 2000  
Cattle05 Cattle density (heads/km2) in 2005  
Rumi05 Small ruminants density (heads/km2) in 2005  
Cattle10 Cattle density (heads/km2) in 2010  
Goat10 Goats density (heads /km2) in 2010  
Sheep10 Sheep density (heads/km2) in 2010  
  1. MIR: middle infrared radiation; LST: land surface temperature; EVI: enhanced vegetation index; NIR: near infrared reflectance.