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Table 3 Reasons for exclusion of reports identified in the initial screening process as potentially relevant

From: Pathogens associated with persistent diarrhoea in children in low and middle income countries: systematic review

Reason for exclusion Number of Reports
Diarrhoea status of participants  
Included children with acute diarrhoea only 9
Wrong definition of persistent diarrhoea 2
Asymptomatic children only 1
Included all children in a community, whether or not they had diarrhoea 2
No separate analysis for cases of acute and persistent diarrhoea 41
Other participant characteristics  
Participants were of the wrong age range 8
Participants resided in a high income country 3
Study design factors  
Less than 30 participants 5
Faecal samples taken in the acute stage (before day 14) of the persistent episode 5
Tested for one organism only 4
Sampled only children who had been in close contact with Shigella dysentery 1
Reviewed hospital records only for children found positive for enteric pathogens 1
Not relevant  
No data on frequency of pathogens presented 5