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Table 1 Culture confirmed influenza episodes identified by immunoperoxidase staining or by hemagglutination inhibition titration

From: Challenge of conducting a placebo-controlled randomized efficacy study for influenza vaccine in a season with low attack rate and a mismatched vaccine B strain: a concrete example

Total Number of Influenza A or B isolates Number identified by immunoperoxidase typing only Number identified by hemagglutination inhibition for A/H1, A/H3 and B lineage
10 Influenza A isolates 3 5 H3
   2 H1
A/New Caledonia/20/1999*
A/Czech Republic/109/2005*
36 Influenza B isolates 1 35
B/Hong Kong 330/01-like**
  1. * Antigenically related to the H1N1 or H3N2 vaccine strains
  2. ** Not antigenically related to the B strain from the Yamagata lineage contained in the vaccine