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Table 1 Shigella drug resistance patterns with associated serotypes, plasmid profiles, and PFGE fingerprint patterns from California, 2004-2005.

From: A unified approach to molecular epidemiology investigations: tools and patterns in California as a case study for endemic shigellosis

Resistance pattern to the NARMS antimicrobial panel % of isolates with resistance profile (no.) Plasmid profile groups detected (no.)a Species of isolates with plasmids (no.) PFGE patterns
STR, FIS, TET, SXT 33% (14) II, X(3), VIII S. sonnei (4), S. flexneri III, V, VI, IX, X
AMP, STR, FIS, TET, SXT 14% (6) II(4), VI S. sonnei (5) I, IV, VII, VIII, XI, XII
AMP, CHL, STR, FIS, TET 10% (4) none none  
AMP, CHL, TET 7% (3) VII S. flexneri 3a XX, XXIII, XV
AMP, CHL, STR, FIS, TET, SXT 7% (3) IV(2), V S. flexneri 3a (2), S. sonnei  
TET 5% (2) I, IV S. flexneri 1b (2) XIX
AMP, CHL, FIS, TET 5% (2) IV(2) S. flexneri 2a (2) XVII
CHL, STR, FIS, TET, SXT 5% (2) V(2) S. flexneri 1c (2) XV
AMP, CHL, FIS, TET, SXT 2% (1) IV S. flexneri 2a XVIII
AMP, KAN, STR, FIS 2% (1) IV S. sonnei XIII
CHL, FIS, TET, SXT 2% (1) III S. flexneri Y var. XXIV
AMP, CHL, STR, TET 2% (1) IX S. flexneri 1b XIV
AMP, STR, FIS, SXT 2% (1) IX S. sonnei  
AMC, AMP, GEN, STR, FIS 2% (1) IV S. flexneri  
  1. a Of the 42 isolates tested, 62% (n = 26) had plasmids detected while 38% (n = 16) did not.