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Table 2 GeneBank Accession numbers for genes sequenced.

From: Truncation in the tcdC region of the Clostridium difficilePathLoc of clinical isolates does not predict increased biological activity of Toxin B or Toxin A

Strain accession no. for gene region
  tcdR tcdE tcdC
ATCC 43594 DQ912170 DQ902560 DQ870674
1083 DQ912171 DQ902562* DQ272240**
79A292 DQ912172 DQ902561 DQ970676
81A330 DQ912173 n.d.a DQ870675
57A DQ912174 DQ902559 DQ272239
83 DQ912175 n.d.a n.d.a
  1. an.d., not deposited as the sequence for this region was 100% identical to the same region from strain 57A.
  2. * The 1 bp deletion is at position 272 of the DQ902562 gene sequence. The deletion causes a frameshift resulting in an in-frame stop codon at position 275–277 of the DQ902562 sequence.
  3. ** The 1 bp substitution that results in a transversion of C to A is at position 695 of the DQ272240 sequence.