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Figure 2

From: Utility of CD4 cell counts for early prediction of virological failure during antiretroviral therapy in a resource-limited setting

Figure 2

Scatter plots of (A) absolute CD4 cell count, (B) ΔCD4 cell count (change in CD4 count from baseline) and (C) CD4 cell count slope (difference between consecutive CD4 count measurements) and corresponding viral load values (log 10 copies/ml) measured in patients who developed virological failure. Distributions of (D) absolute CD4 counts, (E) ΔCD4 counts and (F) CD4 count slopes of patients (n = 179) at the time of virological failure (dashed lines) compared to the distribution of measurements of all patients (n = 330) at all time-points when viral load remained suppressed (solid lines).

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