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Table 3 Risk factors for resistance development, drug susceptibility testing, antituberculous therapy

From: Extensively drug resistant tuberculosis in a high income country: A report of four unrelated cases

  Patient 1 Patient 2 Patient 3 Patient 4
Risk factors for resistance development:     
Necessity of closed ward treatment yes yes yes no
Antituberculous treatment before immigration yes, regimen unknown yes, including 9 months of RMP monotherapy yes, regimen unknown yes, regimen unknown
Drug susceptibility testing at time of Immigration:     
Resistant INH, RMP, RFB, EMB, PZA, SM, Eto, Cs, Tsc, Clr, Cfz INH, RMP, EMB, SM, Pto INH, EMB -
Intermediate PAS - - -
Susceptible Am, CM, Ofx PZA, Cs, Cfx RMP, PZA, SM INH, RMP, EMB, PZA, SM
Drug susceptibility testing at time of XDR Diagnosis:     
Resistant INH, RMP, EMB, SM, Cm, Ofx, Eto, Pto, Cs, PAS, Tsc INH, RMP, RFB, EMB, SM, CM, Cfx, Amx/Clv, Tsc INH, RMP, RFB, EMB, PZA, Cm, Am, Ofx, Eto, Cs, Cfz, Tsc INH, RMP, PZA, SM, Am, Cm, Cfx, Amx/Clv, Cfz, Tsc
Intermediate PZA Pto - -
Susceptible Mxf, Cfz PZA, Am, Mxf, Cs, Cfz, Lzd SM, PAS, Clr EMB, Mxf, Pto, Cs, PAS, Lzd
Antituberculous drugs used during therapy of XDR TB PZA, Mxf, Pto, Cfz PZA, Am, Mxf, Lzd RFB, PZA, SM, Am, Cm, Ofx, Pto, Trd, PAS, Cfz, Amx/Clv, Clr, Doxycyclin EMB, PZA, Am, Mxf, Cfx, Pto, Trd, Lzd
Non pharmacologic treatment right upper lobectomy and atypical left upper lobectomy right upper lobe resection 01/03 + left upper lobe and left lower lobe segmental resection 04/03   left sided pneumonectomy
  1. XDR extensively drug resistant, TB tuberculosis, INH isoniazid, RMP rifampicin, RFB rifabutin, EMB ethambutol, PZA pyrazinamide, SM streptomycin, Km kanamycin, Am amikacin, Cm capreomycin, Cfx ciprofloxacin, Ofx ofloxacin, Lfx levofloxacin, Mfx moxifloxacin, Eto ethionamide, Pto protionamide, Cs cycloserine, Trd terizidone, PAS p-aminosalicylic acid, Cfz clofazimine, Amx/Clv amoxicillin/clavulanate, Clr clarithromycin, Lzd linezolid, Tsc thiosemicarbazon