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Table 1 Restriction enzymes used for riboprinting analysis of partial regions of the 16S-like rRNA genes of E. histolytica, E. dispar and E. moshkovskii

From: Mutation detection analysis of a region of 16S-like ribosomal RNA gene of Entamoeba histolytica, Entamoeba dispar and Entamoeba moshkovskii

E. histolytica (439 bp) E. moshkovskii (553 bp) E. dispar (174 bp)
Xba I Taq I Taq I
Dde I Dde I Dde I
Hpy188 III Hpy188 III Mse I
Mfe I Mfe I Sau96 I
N1aIV N1aIV  
Hinf I Hinf I  
Mse I Mse I  
  Sau96 I