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Table 4 Variables, values and distributions for the probabilistic sensitivity analysis

From: Cost-effectiveness of introducing a rotavirus vaccine in developing countries: The case of Mexico

Variable Values Distribution
Reduction in outpatient visits Median 0.877 5th percentile 0.762 95th percentile 0.937 Beta
Reduction in hospitalization Median 0.963 5th percentile 0.911 95th percentile 0.985 Beta
Efficacy between the first and the third dose Median 0.726 5th percentile 0.574 95th percentile 0.828 Beta
Annual efficacy decrease Median 0.1 5th percentile 0.05 95th percentile 0.18 Beta
Outpatient visit cost Median 34.59 5th percentile 34.59 95th percentile 37.29 Gama
Hospitalization day cost Mean $252.52 Exponential