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Table 2 Oligonucleotides (5'-3') used in this study

From: Association of Escherichia coli O157:H7 tirpolymorphisms with human infection

Oligonucleotide Sequence Orientationa Application
tir:1U19 atg cct att ggt aat ctt g Sense tir 5' amplification sequencing
tir:72U17 aca aac cga cgg tgc ag Sense tir sequencing
tir:473L17 atg ccc agc acc acc ac Antisense tir sequencing
tir:521U17 aag ccc gcc aaa gga ta Sense tir RR1 sequencing
tir:967L17 tct tcg cct gct gct tt Antisense tir RR1 sequencing
tir:1046U17 cta aac gcc agg agg ag Sense tir RR2, 3, & 4 sequencing
tir:1572L17 ggc gta atc cac cac tt Antisense tir RR2, 3, & 4 sequencing
tir:1638L16 cgc tgg tgg gtt att c Antisense tir 3' amplification sequencing
eae:16U16 tgt tat acc cgg acc c Sense eae 5' amplification sequencing
eae:135U19 taa att ggg ttc gga ttc a Sense eae sequencing
eae:382L17 aca aga ggt gcc gaa cc Antisense eae sequencing
eae:490U16 aat tat gcg gca caa c Sense eae sequencing
eae:574L18 gtt acc agc gat acc aag Antisense eae sequencing
eae:626U18 att atg gaa cgg cag agg Sense eae sequencing
eae:886L19 ttt tga aat agt ctc gcc a Antisense eae sequencing
eae:1090U17 gat aag ctg cag tcg aa Sense eae sequencing
eae:1178L18 ttt cat tac ccg tac cat Antisense eae sequencing
eae:1290U18 atc agg cag ccg tta cga Sense eae sequencing
eae:1492L19 ttc cgc tat gct gaa tct g Antisense eae sequencing
eae:1695U18 gga taa gac ttc ggc taa Sense eae sequencing
eae:1732L18 cgt cgc ggt ata agt aat Antisense eae sequencing
eae:1883U17 cgc cag gac agg tcg tc Sense eae sequencing
eae:2135L17 att tcc cgt ggt tgc tt Antisense eae sequencing
eae:2249U19 ttg gta aca atg tca gag g Sense eae sequencing
eae:2358L13 acc acc gct tgc t Antisense eae sequencing
eae:2360U17 caa gcg gtg gtg atg gt Sense eae sequencing
eae:2699L17 tcc aga acg ctg ctc ac Antisense eae sequencing
eae:2787L19 tta ttc tac aca aac cgc a Antisense eae 3' amplification sequencing
  1. a With respect to tir and eae mRNA.