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Table 1 The primers and nucleotide numbers according to the Hodhza strain

From: Imported Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever cases in Istanbul

CCF-5F   aaa cac gtg ccg ctt acg cc (5–24) (this study)
CCF-115F First round aar gga aat gga ctt rtg ga (115–134) (this study)
CCF-131F Second round tgg aya cyt tca caa act cc (131–152) *
CCF-295F Sequencing tgg gty agc tcy acy ggy att gt (295–312) (this study)
CCF-457F Sequencing gac ata ggt tty cgt gty aat gc (457–479) (this study)
CCF-479R Sequencing gca ttr aca cgr aar cct tat gtc (479–457) (this study)
CCF-759R First and second round gca agg cct gtw gcr aca agt gc (759–736) (this study)
  1. * Modified from reference [23]