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Table 1 Consensus categories and their significance according to the algorithms used in the comparison.

From: DR_SEQAN: a PC/Windows-based software to evaluate drug resistance using human immunodeficiency virus type 1 genotypes

Category DR_SEQAN Retrogram ANRS HIVDB RegaInst
S (green) Virus expected to be
susceptible to the drug
The corresponding drug can
be used (susceptible)
Susceptible Potential low-level resistance
(or susceptible)
I (yellow) Partial/low-level resistance Consider the use of this drug
if no 'S' class drugs are available
Possible resistance Intermediate/low-level resistance Intermediate resistant
IR (orange) Significant resistance predicted Consider the use of this drug if no
'S' or 'I' class drugs are available
R (red) Predicted resistance levels
are very high
To be used only if 'S', 'I' or 'IR'
classes are not available
Resistance High-level resistance Resistant