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Table 5 Normalized medical costs for rotavirus acute gastroenteritis (AGE) hospitalizations in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the United States (USA)

From: Disease burden and related medical costs of rotavirus infections in Taiwan

  Taiwan Hong Kongb USAc
Direct medical cost for rotavirus AGE (in US $) 7–10 mil 4 mil 217 mil
Populationa 22.9 mil 6.8 mil 285.3 mil
Medical cost per capita (A) 0.31–0.44 0.59 0.76
Gross National Incomes (GNI) per capitaa (B) 16,170 26,060 34,800
Normalized economic burden index due to rotavirus AGE (A/B × 105) 1.92–2.72 2.28 2.19
  1. a Population and GNI per capita in 2001 was used [References 14 and 17].
  2. b The Hong Kong study was based on hospital data of 2001–2003 [reference 16].
  3. c Because the direct medical costs estimate for USA was reported in 1996 dollars [reference 15], and we used the population and GNI data from 2001, the upper range of their sensitivity for cost estimate was used (4,346 US $ per hospitalization × 50,000 hospitalizations)