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Table 4 The direct medical cost for rotavirus acute gastroenteritis (AGE) in <5 years old children in Taiwan, 2001

From: Disease burden and related medical costs of rotavirus infections in Taiwan

Sector Medical cost (in US $) per case Total AGE Estimated rotavirus AGE
   Case no. Total medical cost Case no. Total medical cost
Outpatient 10.8 1,704,000 18,395,192 255,600–596,400a 2,760,480–6,441,120
Inpatient 336.0 66,260 22,265,691 21,800–28,492b 7,324,800–9,573,312
Total - 1,770,260 40,660,883 277,400–624,892 10,085,280–16,014,432
  1. a The range of 15–35% was used for estimating outpatient rotavirus AGE case number based on Glass et al., (Reference [13]).
  2. b For estimation of hospitalized rotavirus AGE case number, 32.9% was used as the lower end based on the three hospital data in the present study and 43% was used as the upper end based on study of Chen et al (Reference [9]).