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Figure 1

From: Erratum to: Detection of Chlamydia in the peripheral blood cells of normal donors using in vitro culture, immunofluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry techniques

Figure 1

This image is provided as a replacement for the original figure 2; Chlamydiae within Peripheral Blood Transfer Infection when Cultured in vitro on J774A.1 host cell monolayers. BC from NBD peripheral blood samples were isolated, lysed and layered onto host cell monolayers as described. Epifluorescence image in Panel A shows a representative 96 h pi culture of a BC lysate from a Chlamydia smear positive sample. Panel B shows a representative example of a 96 h pi culture of a BC lysate from a Chlamydia negative smear sample. Note: panel A contains numerous cells with large inclusions, as well as cells with smaller inclusions. These are characteristic of multiple replicative rounds in culture. Photographed using a Nikon Eclipse E600 epifluorescence microscope and a SPOT digital camera Original magnification 400×.

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