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Table 1 Comparison of variables collected in APACHE II, SAPS II and SOFA scores.

From: Comparison of severity of illness scoring systems for patients with nosocomial bloodstream infection due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Physiological values    
Age, years X x  
Temperature X x  
Mean arterial pressure X   
Systolic BP   x  
Vasopressor    x
Heart rate X x  
Respiratory rate X   
Glasgow Coma Score (GCS) X x x
Urinary output (L/day)   x x**
Laboratory parameters    
Oxygenation A-aDO 2 or PaO 2 X   
PaO 2   x* x
Arterial pH X   
Serum sodium X x  
Serum potassium X x  
Serum creatinine X   x**
Serum urea level   x  
Hematocrit X   
White blood count X x  
Serum HCO 3 - (venous) only if no ABGs x  
Bilirubin level   x x
Platelets    x
Chronic diseases/comorbidities    
Chronic diseases   x  
Chronic health points (APACHE II)/type of admission(SAPS II) X x  
  1. APACHE II score ranges 0–71; SAPS II score ranges 0–146; SOFA score ranges 0–24.
  2. x* If ventilated or continuous pulmonary arterial pressure.
  3. x** Creatinine or urine output.
  4. ABG – Arterial Blood Gas