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Figure 3

From: Assessing anti-rabies baiting – what happens on the ground?

Figure 3

Frequency distribution of local bait densities Full frequency distribution of local bait densities found under the reference or field scenario (pBaitDens = 20; pLineDist = 1 km; pN = 2500; MaxX*MaxY = 2500 km2), whiskers represent MIN and MAX of 100 repetitions. The segments of the inserted bar diagram illustrate the percentage of spatial units with a particular number of baits (red 0; orange 1–5; light orange 6–10; yellow 11–15; green 16–20; dark green > 20 baits). Management aim of 20 b.p.km2 is exceeded on the group home-range level where mean bait density is measured as 21.1 b.p.km2.

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