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Archived Comments for: Molecular and epidemiologic analysis of a county-wide outbreak caused by Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Enteritidis traced to a bakery

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  1. statistics

    Roland Brey, Public health office Amberg (Germany)

    15 November 2004

    I was surprised to see Risk Ratios instead of

    Odds Ratios. Is this really statistically correct?

    "A total of 162 (17.2 %) of 942 patients visiting the ER during the outbreak

    period had acute gastroenteritis. Compared with 85 (9.7%) of 872 patients in the

    week before the outbreak, significantly higher percentages of patients with

    gastroenteritis were observed in the outbreak week (Relative risk (RR): 1.92, 95%

    confidence interval (CI): 1.38 – 2.26, P < 0.001)."

    Either the value for the risk ratio or the confidence interval may not be correct.I found following ratios:

    Odds ratio: 1,92 [1,45; 2,55]

    Risk ratio: 1,76 [1,38; 2,26]

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