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Figure 1

From: Incorrect identification of recent Asian strains of Coxsackievirus A16 as human enterovirus 71: Improved primers for the specific detection of human enterovirus 71 by RT PCR

Figure 1

Amplification of CVA16 isolates with primer pair 159S/162A. The top panel shows amplification using primer pair 159S/162A. The bottom panel shows amplification using a pan enterovirus primer set in VP4. Lane 1: HEV71 control; Lane 2: water control; Lane 3: SB3091/SAR/00; Lane 4: SB3279/SAR/00; Lane 5: SB2512/SAR/00; Lane 6: SB3333/SAR/00; Lane 7: SB11444/SAR/03; Lane 8: SB3093/SAR/00; Lane 9: SB2116/SAR/00; Lane 10: SB3283/SAR/00; Lane 11: SB2528/SAR/00; Lane 12: SB2905/SAR/00; Lane 13: SB2486/SAR/00; Lane 14: SB2934/SAR/00. "+" indicates specimens positive using 159S/162A primers. The expected position of the amplicons are indicated by the arrows. MW (bp) marks the lane containing the molecular weight markers in basepairs.

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