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Table 1 Oligonucleotide primers and LightCycler hybridization probes used in the PCR assay.

From: Comparison of two DNA targets for the diagnosis of Toxoplasmosis by real-time PCR using fluorescence resonance energy transfer hybridization probes

Oligo-nucleotide Sequence a Target gene Nucleotide position GenBank accession no. Reference
Tox-9 AGG AGA GAT ATC AGG ACT GTA G Cryptic 143–164 AF487550 Present study
Tox-11 GCG TCG TCT CGT CTA GAT CG Cryptic 304–285 AF487550 Present study
Tox-HP-1 GAG TCG GAG AGG GAG AAG ATG TT-[FL] Cryptic 214–236 AF487550 Present study
Tox-HP-2 [Red 640]-CCG GCT TGG CTG CTT TTC CTG-Ph Cryptic 238–258 AF487550 Present study
  1. a [FL], fluorescein; [Red 640], LightCycler-Red 640-N-hydroxy-succinimide ester; [Ph], 3'-phosphate.