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Table 1 Epidemiological, clinical, and serological results of 165 cases of human brucellosis.

From: Diagnosis of recent and relapsed cases of human brucellosis by PCR assay

Characteristics Values
No. of patients studied 165
Male: Female 1:1.85
Mean age in years (range) 45.5 (5–86)
Clinical and laboratory diagnosis:  
Mean duration of the chronic cases in years (range) 8.5 (1–16)
No. of patients with fever 165/165 (100%)
No. of patients with muscle pain and anorexia 140/165 (84.8%)
No. of relapsed patients 58/165 (35.2%)
No. of positives in Rose Bengal agglutination test (1/160) 140/165 (84.8%)
No. of patients with positive blood cultures 20/165 (12%)
No. of patients with positive PCR 120/165 (72.7%)
No. of relapsed patients with positive PCR 48/58 (82.8%)