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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids. Plasmid pAWS2 was provided by Rosalind Van Landingham, pBluescript-int was provided by Bonnie Plikaytis, and pUS267 was provided by Jeremy Dale

From: I-TRAP: A method to identify transcriptional regulator activated promoters

Strains Relevant Characteristics Source/Reference
Electromax DH5α Cloning host Invitrogen
M. smegmatis LR222 Cloning host [20]
M. smegmatis::SEint.2 constitutively expresses M. tuberculosis sigE gene This study
M. smegmatisΔsigE sigE knockout mutant This study
M. tuberculosis H37Rv TMC102 Virulent laboratory strain [21]
pAWS2 Source of the lacZ gene R. Van Landingham
pBluescript-int Source of integrase gene, int B. Plikaytis
pCL5 Backbone for pCL8 [9]
pCL8 Source of the rpsL promoter This study
pCRScript SK (+) Vector with multiple cloning site Stratagene
pMV261 Source of the hsp60 promoter and OriM [22]
pPICZalphaC Source of bleomycin resistance gene, ble Invitrogen
pPR27 Source of gentamicin resistance gene, aacC1 [23]
pSE.1 pUC19 with promoterless aph and xylE genes This study
pSE.2 pSE.1 with the hyg gene This study
pSE.3 pSE.2 with the OriM This study
pSE.4 promoter-trap vector This study
pSEint.1 Integrating plasmid containing the ble gene This study
pSEint.2 Integrating plasmid, constitutive M. tuberculosis sigE expression This study
pSEKO.1 5' region of the M. smegmatis sigE gene This study
pSEKO.2 pSEKO.1 with 3' end of M. smegmatis sigE gene This study
pSEKO.3 pSEKO.2 with the aacC1 gene This study
pSEKO.4 Suicide plasmid with interrupted M. smegmatis sigE gene This study
pT7Blue Blunt cloning vector This study
pTKMX97 Source of the xylE gene [10]
pUC19 Vector with multiple cloning site Amersham Biosciences
pUC4-KIXX Source of aph gene Amersham Biosciences
pUS267 Source of hygromycin resistance gene, hyg J. Dale